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Expat Insurance

This month we highlight the importance of having the correct insurance in place during your time working abroad. To help clients make the right decision at a price suitable for them we have built links into the website. 

The links we have added help you to quickly get quotes for medical insurance, life insurance and also income replacement during your time abroad. The provider we use has had 23 years experience dealing with expats and are one of the leading providers of these products. 


The quote system will allow you to tailor make a health quote to suit your budget and this can be for either an individual or family. For more complex quotes where different benefits are required for different family members you will need to contact us directly.  

The Medical Insurance we recommend also will normally cover activity holidays like skiing and scuba diving where this is not done professionally.  

Medical Insurance will normally cover you anywhere in the world including if you return to your country of birth. There are some exclusions if you were going to work in dangerous areas where there is war or regular terrorist activity. 



We offer through our partners a simple and cost effective annually renewable life insurance plan. This cover can protect your family and be used to cover any loans or mortgages you might have.  

The website link will enable you to quickly check the cost for the amount of cover you have selected and then adjust according to your budget or the level of cover you require.  

Once the policy has been accepted it is annually renewable even if your health deteriorates after inception of the policy. 



Income replacement is something often ignored by clients but which is also very important for various clients during certain phases of their life. 

Income replacement is important for clients who have not yet built up significant assets and have high outgoings. These might include mortgage payments and expenses associated with raising a family and education.  

During these periods if the one of the bread winners in the family or a single person was unable to work for a prolonged period of time this would result in serious financial issues due to the inability to continue to pay fixed monthly expenses.  


I hope you find these links useful to enable you to get an idea as to the costs of the different cover you may require. Please email us if you have any questions and we will arrange for a specialist financial advisor to answer any questions you may have.