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When it comes to saving, we typically refer to a regular saving plan, whereby you commit to invest a fixed sum of money periodically. You simply set aside a certain amount on a recurring schedule, and it will be directed into an investment fund or more of them.

Later, you can use the accumulated money to fund your retirement, children’s education, home purchase or even certain events like a wedding.

This is a very disciplined approach to saving and investing and you can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that with each passing day, you are taking small but steady steps towards achieving your financial goals.

A regular saving plan also allows you to enjoy the benefits of Dollar Cost Averaging as you build up your investment position. This is a preferred investment approach for a fixed sum of a particular investment on a regular schedule. When prices go up, fewer units will be bought; and when prices go down, more units will be purchased. The average cost of each unit acquired will be lower than the fund’s average price over the same period. In this way, you can potentially build up a desired investment position by making gradual investments in the market. You avoid the risk of investing a large sum at an unexpectedly disadvantageous time, while giving yourself a disciplined plan to reaching your investment goals.

We can offer regular saving plans in various currencies like GBP, USD, EUR, CHF, JPJ, AUD and HKD, and you can start your monthly contributions for as little as GBP 100 or currency equivalent. There are various investment strategies depending on your risk profile. All plans are based in tax efficient jurisdictions.